Friday, January 30, 2015

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You’re Always Welcome at The Fireside!

Nestled around a fireplace, The Fireside is the perfect place to grap a quick cup of java or enjoy a relaxing latte!

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Our Favourites

While these are some of our favourite drinks and food items, please see our menu page for a full list of all our offerings!

Our Roasts

Champs Elysees

Our dark roast is full of robust flavour!


Our light roast is perfect for those looking for a lighter coffee!


Two Leaves and a Bud

You won’t find a better tea. Choose from one of twelve flavours.

Espresso Drinks

We serve everything from straight espresso shots to flavoured lattes. Take it straight up or try your latte with one of our 30 different flavours. Listed are some of our favourites.

Skor Mocha

A classic mocha with a hint of toffee flavour to taste just like a Skor bar. You’ll be hooked!

Light Arabica – $1.59

A mild coffee for sipping.

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